Products & Solutions


VTL Conductor and Tracker (IBM i)

Integrates into your existing IBM i Power Systems environment and Media Management Software (MMS), delivering automated, host-based policies that leverage all of the Virtual Tape Library’s (VTL) functionality without leaving the standard IBM i interface. Supports BRMS or DSI Tracker media management applications.

VTL Agent (IBM i & Unisys)

DSI VTL Agent, when combined with Unisys MCP and IBM i media management software, allows for full automation of VTL functionality from the media management operator console, simplifying backup and restore operations.

DSI Restore

Looking to virtualize your VTL solution? Restore is our virtualized storage appliance that is built upon VMware technology, offering enterprise-class deduplication and replication for disaster preparedness. Scalable from 2-100 Terabytes of deduplicated data, it provides commercial, financial, and government organizations with high performance data protection, integrated with your existing hypervisor infrastucture.