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The Data Management Game Changer

We have all heard this nightmare of a scene; a data center manager is manually logging backups and tape information in an excel file, or worse on paper! Here’s another frightening scenario; someone is manually delivering unencrypted physical tapes via car to an offsite location for long-term archival. These are both a recipe for data catastrophe. Even the best laid manual backup...

News from the Breach Seat - September


Equifax stole the cyber-attack show for September. Each day, a layer of deceit and consumer impact is peeled back to expose the biggest hack to date. The official Equifax breach news broke on September 7, driving panic and anger amongst consumers. Equifax holds confidential information like social security numbers, credit card numbers and other personal information...

It’s Not Team Building Without a Little Pain

When companies talk about team building, it usually comes with a big eye-roll from employees. Everyone is over team building activities like the trust-fall, office trivia or group hike. This year, the DSI team decided to turn it up a notch and bond over a friendly game of paintball. If you think about it, paintball offers all the things you want to see in a team building...

Mitigating False Positives

Protecting data has become an arduous task. Companies are so focused on protecting data from a breach that often times IT departments dedicate enormous amounts of time to mitigating false positive attacks. It is a delicate balancing act of keeping data secure while keeping the IT department focused on other priorities.

False positives are distracting to teams and pulls...

Make Sure Your Data Storage Provider is a Security Pro

It is impossible to have a conversation about data storage without discussing cyber-security, the two go hand-in-hand. If data security is vital to the overall data storage discussion, why do so many storage providers consider data security an afterthought?

The data storage landscape is changing. Solution providers should be experts in both data storage architecture and...

Don’t be scared to upgrade

Upgrading a storage solution is something no company wants to think about, especially an enterprise, or any size of company operating in a highly regulated industry that has complex storage requirements. Once a solution is in place, it’s incredibly difficult to change. Most companies would rather retrofit an outdated system with upgrades than implement an entirely new...

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