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VTL Upgrade Program

Who: Target v1.X and v2.X systems
What: One time only upgrade to newest hardware and software levels. Over 200 systems identified. Operating lease options available.
Where: Global
When: Offer valid through December 31, 2015
Why: Upgrade aging virtual tape library systems around the world with an accelerated tech-turn opportunity.

Upgrade Options

  • Existing systems with < 4TB of storage upgrade to DSI350-BEM
  • Existing systems with 8TB of storage upgrade to DSI350-Vxx
  • Existing systems with 16TB-48TB built-in storage upgrade to DSI350-Mxx
  • Existing enterprise systems upgrade to DSI350-EVO

Benefits of Current v3.5 Systems

  • Easy to use and support because VTL system hardware is based on platforms similar to the Unisys mainframe hardware Hardware maintenance handled directly through Dell/Unisys
  • Significant opportunity to upgrade out of date systems to newest technology, at a great price
  • Upgraded VTL software to current levels
  • Capacity based licensing over slot count licensing
  • Significantly lower acquisition price over straight purchase

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