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Mid Range (DSI400-MEM)

Mid Range (DSI400-MEM)

The rapid growth of business data calls for faster, more reliable backup and recovery. With 16TB to 48TB of total storage capacity, disk-level encryption and a list of customizable options, the DSI400-MEM will upgrade your data center’s performance while simplifying operations and reducing costs. Pair with the DSI400-SEM storage array for maximum efficiency.

  • Easily paired with physical tape
  • Ability to customize for unique environments
  • Built to grow with your expanding needs over time
  • 16TB usable storage
  • Standard encryption-at-rest
  • Expandable storage capacity
  • 4-8Gb Fibre Channel ports
  • 128 virtual libraries
  • Additional 2-8Gb FC ports
  • Secure Tape Encryption
  • Physical Tape Backup
  • Tape Stacking/Consolidation
  • Ability to add up to 32TB usable storage (48TB Total Storage Capacity)
  • Media Migration Service- transition data from obsolete technology to VTL seamlessly
End user capacity 16TB
Mid Range VTL Appliance
# virtual libraries 128
# virtual tape drives 1,024
# virtual tape cartridges supported 64,000
Backend physical tape SAS, FC
Replication (w/ encryption / compression) OPTION
SecureTape encryption OPTION
Tape consolidation (stacking) OPTION
High Availability NO
Data De-duplication NO
Open systems ISV attachment YES
OS 2200 host attachment OPTION
MCP tape management OPTION
MCP robotic attachment OPTION
Processors 2 x six core
Number of GBe Ports 4 - 16 GB
Number of FC Ports --16Gb (2+ optional)
Number of SAS Input Ports 0
Number of SAS Output Ports 0 + 2 (Note 1)
Internal storage capacity (usable) 36 TB raw (16TB)
# drives 8 x 4TB
Raid Level 6 + 1
Secure Encrypted Disk YES
Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.40” x 17.44” x 26.80”
Weight: 71.5 lbs
Temperature / Humidity considerations: 10 - 35 oC / 10 - 80%
Heat output / cooling requirements: 4,100 BTU’s/hr
Power supply rating (self switching) 100 - 240v, 50/60hz
Power / breaker requirements - US / C 1,100w/110v/12a
Power / breaker requirements - Int'l 1,100w/240v/6.5a
Form Factor 2U
Note 1 - Optional SAS Interface Note 2 - Expandable to 6 total FC ports Note 3 - Redundant Controller Module

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"The support DSI has provided is just outstanding ... anytime a question comes up, people at DSI actually scramble to answer it first. I don't think I've had an experience like that with any other vendor."

Frank Cost, Liberty Bank Systems Administrator

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