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TapeManager (Tape Tracking and Management Software)

DSI’s TapeManager improves your backup and recovery operations through added ease, efficiency and security. An industry-leading tracking and management software application, TapeManager offers a number of powerful, user-friendly features (see below).

  • Reliable, unattended media tracking
  • Reduced system downtime
  • Investment protection
  • Automatic tracking of all tape and optical backup media
  • Additional security for tape and optical media on Unisys MCP-based systems.
  • Real-time logging and tracking for tapes stored both on- and off-site.
  • Supplies tapes requested by OM Utility during database recovery, removing any guesswork.
  • Automates data recovery without operation intervention if combined with an automated tape library.
  • Protects tapes from accidental scratching or over-writing.
  • TM SECURE command limits access to sensitive functions at various levels, including user codes and DDT.
  • Receives commands entered through the console, just like other system commands, eliminating the need to look up a job or mix numbers.
  • Offers help screens through the console, facilitation user-experience.
  • Includes a utility program that program that follows the standard A series (MARC) presentation with menus and forms, aided by on-line help.
  • Provides on-line help following the standard MCP implementation. A hyper-text-like capability allows user to request help for unknown items while in help mode by SPCFY-ing on the item.
  • Custom reporting provided in hard copy at terminals, to disk or e-mail
  • Ad hoc reports available in both word and excel
  • Extensive searching capabilities locate tapes automatically
  • Customizable label printing interface
  • Operator condsole (ODT) command and response; no AX or SM required

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Requirements Include:

  • MCP 5.1 or later
  • MT/ET equivalent terminal or terminal emulator

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Frank Cost, Liberty Bank Systems Administrator

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