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STAR Library Manager

STAR Library Manager (LIBMGR) software enables OS 2200 to use the tape automation services of the DSI Virtual Tape Library (VTL). LIBMGR executes as a background program with an interface for console operations. It has active and ongoing interaction with STAR-1100 and the OS 2200 operating system, extending data protection, library management, and highly productive tape operations to your virtual tape environment.

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  • Connects with the VTL through user exit in OS 2200
  • Configured to recognize the tape resources: control units, drives and volumes
  • Recognizes the equipment identifier as "virtual" and seamlessly directs these requests
  • System administrators can configure STAR Library Manager, in coordination with STAR-1100, to define scratch tape pools which will be assigned to the VTL
  • Directs scratch mounts through the generalized scratch pool facility in STAR-1100
  • Administrators can configure systems to use independent or shared scratch pools. When LIBMGR is correctly configured for shared scratch pools, user programs on multiple attached OS 2200 systems can safely request scratch tapes from a common pool

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