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Backup Recovery and Media Services (BRMS)

Backup Recovery and Media Services (BRMS)

DSI’s Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL) integrate fully with BRMS, IBMi’s Strategic Backup Management Product. BRMS helps you manage your save/restore operations while system restoration capabilities deliver peace of mind. And with a database that tracks all the tapes in its inventory, BRMS makes media management easier and more efficient.

  • IBM i’s Strategic Backup and Tape Management Product (5722-BR1, 5761BR1)
  • Manages Your Media
  • Automates Your Backups
  • Provides Detailed Reporting– Detailed Reports on What Was Saved, Not Saved–
  • Detailed Instructions on Recovery Process
  • Tape Library Support
  • Virtual Tape Support (New for V5R4)
  • Software Tape Encryption (New for 6.1)

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Customization is the key to effective data storage, and DSI’s mission has always been to provide our clients with complete solutions that combine leading hardware and software with exceptional service and support, so your information is both safer and easier to manage. We build trusted partnerships with our clients starting with all-inclusive three-year contracts and low monthly payments, giving you the ability to smoothly upgrade your operations as technology improves and your business needs grow.

"The support DSI has provided is just outstanding ... anytime a question comes up, people at DSI actually scramble to answer it first. I don't think I've had an experience like that with any other vendor."

Frank Cost, Liberty Bank Systems Administrator

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