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Keep pace with your rapidly expanding data storage needs with with state of the art deduplication. Easily improve performance and increase capacity by adding a storage module to your existing solution. Designed with growth in mind, our two-tiered DSI420 scales in increments of 12TB. Tier 1 (DSI420-T1B) meets mid-range data needs and can grow from 12TB to 72TB. Tier 2 (DSI420-T2B) is for the enterprise customer with larger data demands, scaling from 84TB - 144TB per node.

  • Maximize your data efficiency
  • Protects your investment
  • Fits seamlessly into complex environments
  • Two-tiered system allows for scalability
  • DSI420-T1B builds from 12TB-72TB
  • DSI420-T2B builds from 84TB-144TB
  • Encryption-at-rest
  • Deduplicates data at 5:1
  • Encryption-in-motion
  • Tape Stacking
  • Direct attach to physical tape
  • Can increase storage capacity in increments of 12TB
  DSI420-T1B DSI420-T2B
Storage 12-4TB Self-Encrypting disk units 12-4TB Self-Encrypting disk units
Power Supply 1 + 1 High Efficiency, Hot Swap 1 + 1 High Efficiency, Hot Swap
Interface 4-8Gb FC Ports 4-8Gb FC Ports
Temp 10-35°C 10-35°C
Humidity 10-80% 10-80%
Heat Output/Cooling Requirements 4,100 BTU’s/hr. 4,100 BTU’s/hr.
Power/Intl. Power 1100w/110v/12a Intl: 240v/6.5a 1100w/110v/12a Intl: 240v/6.5a
Physical (inches) 3.4 x 18.9 x 29.7 3.4 x 18.9 x 29.7
Weight 71.5lbs/32.5kg 71.5lbs/32.5kg
Raid Level 6 + 1 6 + 1
Form Factor 2u 2u
Memory 192GB Total 384GB Total
Processor Type Intel Xeon E5-2640 v1 Intel Xeon E5-2670 v1
Storage Capacity 12-4TB Self-Encrypting disk units
Interface 6Gb SAS
HxWxD 3.39 x 18.8 x 23.17
Weight 62.6 (28.39kg) (maximum configuration)
Temperature 10-35°C
Humidity 8%-85%
Heat Output/BTU’s 2,047BTU/hr.
Power/INTL Power 600w/110v/8.6a INTL: 600w/240v/4.3a
Raid Level 6 + 1
Form Factor 2u
Storage Capacity DSI420-T1B (Tier 1 Base) DSI420-S24 (storage Extension) DSI420-C12 (License) Form Factor
12TB 1 0 1 2u
24 1 0 2 2u
36 1 1 3 4u
48 1 1 4 4u
60 1 2 5 6u
72 1 2 6 6u
Storage Capacity DSI420-T2B (Tier 2 Base) DSI420-S24 (storage Extension) DSI420-C12 (License) Form Factor
84TB 1 3 7 8u
96 1 3 8 8u
108 1 4 9 10u
120 1 4 10 10u
132 1 5 11 12u
144 1 5 12 12u

Customization is the key to effective data storage, and DSI’s mission has always been to provide our clients with complete solutions that combine leading hardware and software with exceptional service and support, so your information is both safer and easier to manage. We build trusted partnerships with our clients starting with all-inclusive three-year contracts and low monthly payments, giving you the ability to smoothly upgrade your operations as technology improves and your business needs grow.

"The support DSI has provided is just outstanding ... anytime a question comes up, people at DSI actually scramble to answer it first. I don't think I've had an experience like that with any other vendor."

Frank Cost, Liberty Bank Systems Administrator

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