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Why put up with the risks and inefficiencies of physical tape? Take real control of your data with DSI’s leading virtual tape library (VTL) systems.

DSI Brings Decades of Experience to the Financial Industry

As data storage needs grow and regulatory requirements become more demanding, physical tape creates needless hassles and vulnerabilities for financial institutions. Manually loading, unloading and transporting tapes make for a time-consuming, unreliable system, and unencrypted storage leaves data exposed to security breaches.

Compared to traditional backup methods, virtual tape offers extraordinary levels of speed, security, access and manageability. From entry-level products to complex enterprise solutions, our superior VTL (virtual tape library) series will integrate seamlessly with your existing backup system and can be implemented on IBM i, MCP, OS 2200 and distributed system platforms.

Customization is the key to effective data storage, and DSI’s engineers will work with you to design architecture VTL systems, deduplication VTL systems, or even hybrid systems, which combine VTL with a tape solution for archival purposes.

Choosing DSI means partnering with a trusted advisor with comprehensive knowledge and deep expertise. DSI’s mission has always been to provide our clients with complete solutions that combine leading hardware and software with exceptional service and support, so your information is both safer and easier to manage.

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